Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Hybrid Meeting

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Hybrid Meeting

Posted on January 13, 2021

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Hybrid Meeting

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4th-6th Grade Hybrid starts:  February 16th or 18th

This will be the first time 4th-6th grade are transitioning to HYBRID! 

In an effort to prepare, we want to make you aware of the schooling options for 4th, 5th & 6th Grade that you will have once hybrid begins.

  • Students in our hybrid model will receive 2 days of in-person instruction at Toledo Elementary and 2 days of virtual instruction at home via Zoom.
  • Wednesday will continue to be a day for video instruction and assignments through Google Classroom and SeeSaw.
  • E-Learning is still an option for those enrolled in the program. (Edmentum & Additional lessons in grade specific Google Classroom)

We recommend ALL families come to the meeting to learn more. If you are unable to attend, a recording of the meeting and meeting slides will be available on our website following the meetings.

Virtual informational meeting: Tuesday, January 26 @ 5:30 (Passcode: GJhr0Cg%) – RECORDED PRESENTATION

4th 5th 6th Grade HYBRID Presentation – ToES

When to Keep Your Child Home Guidance

If you are switching from E-Learning (Edmentum) to Hybrid or CDL to E-Learning (Edmentum), you must fill out the change of academic option form