Will my child be online in live classroom instruction?

A: The whole group lessons are all pre-recorded. Families can access these lessons when it is convenient. Materials for the week will be posted on the school website for students Monday morning. Directions will be provided with all released material. Although your student will have access to all material on Monday morning, it is expected that they follow ODE recommended guidelines and the dates that are provided.  Our schedule is designed to allow students to work when they have access and to provide lots of flexible time for students and teachers to connect for assistance and feedback.  Some small group lessons will be online in live classroom instruction.

Are the lessons the same content for every school?

A: These lessons are developed by district grade level teams and are aligned with grade level Common Core State Standards.

What is meant by Additional Lessons on the schedule?

A: These are additional opportunities to practice content skills. Pay close attention to the dates on each assigned lesson. They may be found under any of the main topics in Google Classroom. There may be days in which there are no additional lessons assigned to your child.

What is the Supplemental Learning (SEALS) packet? Is this required?

A: This is applied independent practice tied to content lessons and wellness. Some of the practice directly aligns with the lessons provided by the teacher others are for supplemental only and are not required. You may do what is applicable to your child.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

A: You may contact your child’s teacher through email, the Remind App, their google classroom or on the phone during their office hours. This is posted on our school website under Helpful Contact Information. Your child’s teacher will be contacting every family every week to check in.

What is Classroom Meeting Time?

A: Classroom Meeting is a time for students to check in with their Teacher and make connections with their classmates. Classroom Time will take place on Google Meets and will be coordinated by the Homeroom Teacher. Students can attend both Classroom Meeting times, or just attend one or none. This is an optional time. There will be no lesson or instruction at this time. It’s for fun!

How often will I have contact with my child’s teacher? Do they have to contact me every week?

A: Families will be contacted at least 1 time per week. You will also be getting a digital contact through google classroom, email or Remind messages. We are required to make contact with families every week by ODE guidelines.

What is the Assistance/Supplemental Learning time for?

A: This is the time for students to complete activities in their supplemental packet, participate in Class Meetings, work independently. Music, art, movement and other supplemental activity.

Should my student do all the work for content on the day it is released?

A: Not necessarily. Materials and instructions will be designed for a student to either complete in one day or over the course of the week. Teacher directions should be clear about how much a student is recommended to do. It is recommended that you follow the ODE guidelines for each grade level.

How much time should my student spend on school work each day?

A: They should do no more than 45 minutes (K/1st) or 60 minutes (2nd/3rd) and 90 minutes (4th/5th/6th) of teacher directed work each day. That includes watching recorded lessons for the day and work completion. Students should spend no more than 3 – 4.5 hours of learning each day based on grade level recommendations from ODE . This includes both teacher led lessons and supplemental work. This is highly flexible and may be different based on student individual need.

How does my student get help?

A: Students can get help through email, teacher office hours, Remind and phone calls. Email is still a quick and easy way to contact teachers with questions. Every teacher will post Office Hours when they are available for phone calls. For those teachers using Remind, you may text the teacher via Remind with questions.

What are Office Hours?

A: Office hours are times when teachers are available to answer any of your questions by phone.

How will my student’s school work be graded?

A: At this time we are currently awaiting Oregon Department of Education’s guidance on the grading of elementary level school work. In the meantime, we will continue to use the practices we use when school is in session like formative assessments, taking notes on student performance and collection of student work.

Is my child expected to turn in work? How will my student submit this work?

A: Students accessing material on-line will submit their assignments via Google Classroom. Students accessing paper packets may take a picture of the assignment and email or text to the teacher. If you do not have access to email or text, please let the teacher know and we will work out a plan with you.

Are parents and guardians supposed to teach the new material to their students?

A: No. Your student’s teachers are still their teachers. They will provide quality instructions for each assignment and be available to provide help throughout the week.

Is attendance optional?

A: The ODE is asking districts to track attendance of students to the extent practical (LCSD= 1 contact per week). This means that teachers are making sure that they are able to connect with each child/family in at least one way (digital or verbal) at least one time each week.

My child is on an IEP (Individual Education Program). How will their needs be met?

A: Your child’s case manager will be working with you on your child’s plan and instruction. Both our resource and our speech/language teachers will be assigning lessons to support your child’s IEP goals and design special instruction. If your child has an IEP, these lessons will show up in your child’s Google Classroom. If you are unable to access Google Classroom then your child’s case manager will be in touch with you to make a plan.

When is ELD (English Language Development) instruction?

A: If your child receives ELD services, these lessons will show up under the ELD topic in your child’s Google Classroom. These are assigned for Mondays to replace writing instruction. If you are unable to access Google Classroom, then our ELD teacher will work out a plan with you.

What will the report card look like?

A: We are still waiting to hear for ODE regarding report cards. We anticipate that they will be the same ones we have used in the past. Stay tuned.

Will my child be moving onto the next grade level?

A: Yes, Your child will be moving to the next grade level. Our lessons are aligned with our Common Core State Standards and although this is not how we wanted to end the year, we still believe that your child will be ready for the next level of learning in the fall.

What do I do if I need help with technology?

A: On the Lincoln County School District website there are links explaining how to check out a ChromeBook, videos of how to log on, and what to do if you are having problems with your ChromeBook.  The website is www.lincoln.k12.or.us

Will my child have assessments during this time?

A: Yes. Teachers will continue to monitor, report, and record each student’s progress towards learning goals and standards. This may look like teachers making notes during phone calls and grading uploaded assignments.