Principal’s Corner

September 2021 – DRAFT

Welcome to Toledo Elementary and the 2021-22 school year.  Our community is fortunate to have 48 extremely talented and committed individuals who work each day to provide an incredible learning environment for the children of Toledo.  The 2020-21 school year turned out to be historic and quite the adventure but turned out incredibly successful. We showed academic growth in Math and Reading, Attendance, and our behavior referrals were down. I am amazed at how committed this staff is to providing a top notch education to the children of LCSD-East County.

I’m excited to announce we have added new TOES family members to our team: Allison Jensen, Kindergarten; Libby Beavitz, 5th Grade; Shelli Johnston, Special Education-Resource; Fish Martinez, TAPP Family Advocate; Brooke Yamanaka, Health & Records;

Some changes within the current staff include: Leah Eller to 2nd Grade, Rachell Brown to 2nd grade, Rose Mignano to 3rd Grade, Anna Rodgers to 4th Grade, Jennifer Paytas to 4th Grade, Lauren Taylor to 5th Grade, Ciara Hoffman to Structured Learning Center.

Here at ToES, our focus continues to be on the three R’s: Relationships…Relevance…Rigor! (plus the fourth ”R” of Reading!!)  We strive to have quality relationships with each other, with our students and families, and with our community.  We believe strong relationships are the foundation for developing our students socially, emotionally, and academically.  It is through these strong relationships that we will be able to teach our students the Relevance of the curriculum and learning opportunities they will engage in. The final component of our focus is Rigor. Learning is not always easy, but our students learn to work hard. They will practice and develop a Growth Mindset, and show Grit. They will learn to do things the #BoomerWay!  Together we will achieve great things.