Principal’s Corner

August 2022 

Welcome to Toledo Elementary and the 2022-23 school year.  Our community is fortunate to have 48 extremely talented and committed individuals who work each day to provide an incredible learning environment for the children of Toledo.  The 2021-22 school year turned out to be historic and quite the adventure but turned out incredibly successful. We showed academic growth in Math and Reading, Attendance, and our behavior referrals were down. I am amazed at how committed this staff is to providing a top notch education to the children of LCSD-East County.

I’m excited to announce we have added new TOES family members to our team: Julie Dammeier-1st grade; Jason Smith-4th grade, Tasha Rodriguez-6th grade; David Cancino,-6th grade; Nicole Hall, Health & Records; Andy Wallace, P.E.; Hayden Atlas, Counselor;

Some changes within the current staff include: Anna Rodgers to 5th Grade, Brooke Yamanaka to Secretary, Ciara Hoffman to Kindergarten, Andrea Taylor to Special Education teacher.

Here at ToES, our focus continues to focus on having quality relationships with each other, with our students and families, and with our community.  We believe strong relationships are the foundation for developing our students socially, emotionally, and academically.  It is through these strong relationships that we will be able to teach our students the Relevance of the curriculum and learning opportunities they will engage in. Together we will achieve great things. Every child, Every Day, Future Ready.


Bus Changes

Bus services are restricted to one pickup and one drop-off location per student at this time due to COVID-19. This also means we are no longer able to make daily changes to the pickup and drop-off sites for your child. If your child is registered to ride a bus home but will need to walk or be picked up, please notify the school office in writing before 11am to ensure accurate dismissal.